Back in 2008, when the craze was all about Barack Obama and the change that he would supposedly bring to a country much in need of a change, I thought I was witnessing history. After eight years of bungled policies and seemingly never-ending missteps, a fresh beginning was, at the very least, welcome.

Four years later, Obama hasn’t been the panacea that everyone thought he would be. Part of that is his own failures, but he’s been mostly a victim of circumstances. An obstinate economy, uncooperative opposition and international crises have made things much more difficult — not only for Obama, but for the entire United States.

Four years later, here we are once again, choosing whether to give the sitting President another four years, or get somebody new into the White House. As an immigrant who owes a lot of his success to this country, I see this election of 2012 as being very important. My writings should make it quite clear where my allegiance lies.

As I document my opinions and observations here, I am also eagerly waiting for the election season to be over so that we see the return of some levels of certainty and normalcy.


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